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"The child is a unique individual: to learn he must feel accepted, safe and actor in an environment that encourages, nourishes and supports him."


Maria Montessori

The school is a member of the Association Montessori de France

L'îlot Montessori: Montessori Bilingual School in Paris

Our private school in Paris in the 18th arrondissement welcomes your children from the age of two and a half. We offer you a different bilingual education in Paris, in an establishment where learning a foreign language from a very young age makes it easy for your child to acquire language skills.


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The Montessori method in a few words

Maria Montessori proposes an alternative educational approach based essentially on the autonomy of the children and the respect of the rhythm of each one. Educators trained in this way of teaching allow young children to flourish while having confidence in their abilities.

 Help me to do it alone." This sentence of Maria Montessori sums up all the pedagogy of this revolutionary method. The child chooses, without the help of anyone, the activity that he wishes to accomplish and finishes it in its entirety at the pace that suits him. The educator simply serves as a guide for the student and allows him to discover his own potential by simply avoiding failure or discouragement.


Why choose a bilingual Montessori School?

Bilingualism upon entry into kindergarten allows a progressive impregnation of the English language. Montessorial education, within our bilingual school in Paris, promotes the development of your child. The English - speaking teacher provides appropriate teaching materials, which in particular strengthen the kinesthetic learning channel through sensory manipulation. Rough letters to the touch are for example used for the learning of the alphabet.

 Activities, songs and even the meal are made in the language of Shakespeare. The children share their schooling in two, 50% in French and 50% in English. They integrate without any difficulty all the basics of this new idiom. The younger they are, the better the ability of children to learn. Adopting a foreign language very early is a real asset for the future adult.

 In a Montessori bilingual class, children are gathered in different age groups. The older ones help the little ones who are quickly gaining autonomy. The older ones, thus empowered and put forward, gain confidence, essential quality to feel good in one's body and in one's head.

 Feel free to come visit us in our Montessori school in Paris. Our team will be happy to welcome you for an appointment or a day of discovery.


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